Healthy is just not achieving that dream body, nor is it conforming to societal norms where you either have the right body to wear certain clothes or body-shamed because you are on the chubbier side. Healthy is being fit from within, both mentally and physically. Being mentally fit would empower you to confront criticisms positively and not let them affect you. On the other hand, physical fitness will enable you to gain a robust immunity system and live life more gracefully as you age.

Physical fitness greatly influences your state of mind say personal trainer in London mike. A person who works out religiously and keeps a tab on physical health is more likely to be more positive and confident. There are several ways to stay fit and healthy. However, here are five cardinal tips to help you jumpstart a healthy life. And if you are consistent with these basic pointers, you are sorted with a lifestyle many aim to live.


You may have heard it a million times before because it works. You need to burn whatever you eat so that you retain what’s nutritional and release the unnecessary. The only way the fats from the foods you consume can get out is through your sweat. Combine both cardiovascular and strength training to your regime to achieve a healthy and toned body. If you don’t have the time to invest hours in the gym, you may as well try free workout videos, which typically take about ten minutes to half an hour.




Your workouts will be in vain without a proper diet and the other way around. Portion your meals for regular intervals to avoid overeating but give you enough energy to exercise. Eat the right foods at the right time.  For instance, the best time to eat fruits is during the morning. Try not to eat carbohydrates after dark because your metabolism slows down then. It’d be best if you can consume little to no sugar but include ample fruits and vegetables in your diet. Protein-laden and lean meats can also do wonders. Lastly, keep track of the calories you eat to make your workouts effective.




If you want to lose weight or your skin to look healthy and feel healthy inside and out, drink water. Drink lots of it, or at least half a gallon every day. It will flush down toxins and impurities out of your system and improve your gut health.




Your body and your muscles need to recover to get to results. And the only way to recover is to rest and sleep for 7-9 hours every day. You may not be aware of it, but you continue to burn calories more after a workout when you sleep. Moreover, a fair amount of sleep will also rejuvenate and deter stress.




Lastly, but most importantly, stay positive. A positive mindset will push you to be more disciplined and consistent to pave your way towards a healthy and fit life. Set goals as you make your way towards a body you’ve wanted.