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Learn About Lyme Disease Awareness 

The infectious disease caused by Bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi needs to be prevented and stopped in the right manner. For this purpose, we need to have an accurate understanding of the symptoms and methods of treatment.


Avoiding wooded and bush areas with long grass is the first step that one can take to walk along the path of prevention.


Pain in the joints or muscles, fatigue, fever, headache are few among the known symptoms of Lyme disease.

We Are All At Risk

Being cautious and aware of this disease is a proper way to move ahead because we are all at risk of getting infected.

About Us

The Mayday Project was formed by a group of volunteers who have been touched by Lyme disease. Mayday advocates for accurate tests, better guidelines, improved access to treatment, more education for physicians, and increased funding for research. The Mayday Project is an information site only. We are not doctors but a site with helpful information. Disclaimer: Always seek qualified medical advise with any medical condition.

Treatment of the IDSA Guidelines for Lyme Disease.

Doses of doxycycline or amoxicillin are recommended for the treatment of Lyme Disease.

Lyme Serology Testing

The standard form of treatment and care begins with serology testing, and we are here to provide the same and leave you free from this infectious disease.

Managing Lyme Disease

The unique forms of managing Lyme disease need to be understood and followed to the right extent if we wish to get rid of it.

  • Antibiotic Treatment
  • Pregnant Women
  • Prophylactic Treatment
  • Ongoing Treatment

Our Team

Meet the expert team who is responsible for creating a force of helpful information and a direction for treatment to help lives that are infected by Lyme.

Curtis C. Aguilar

Curtis C. Aguilar


Carolina C. McGill

Carolina C. McGill


Keith L. Trigg

Keith L. Trigg



“The Mayday Project is an initiative of excellence that is run by a couple of professionals who are well aware of the different aspects circulating around the disease.”

Gilda S. Torres

‘‘I am more than glad of discovering the Mayday project as they were able to change things for the better and lead me into a happy life.”

Marian T. Huffman

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Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

A lot of facts about Lyme disease are still under research. It is transmitted by a specially shaped bacteria called spirochete bacteria. It is transmitted by black-legged deer ticks and can have a range of symptoms that mimic those of many other ailments. The reason why Lyme is still difficult to diagnose is that it has a wide range of symptoms that mimic the symptoms of other ailments. Every individual reacts differently to the Lyme bacteria, and the symptoms may also vary. You may have some or all of the symptoms mentioned below when you have Lyme disease.


The Lyme tick bote will be in a solid red oval shape. This can appear anywhere in your body and expands until it is resolved naturally over time, if not treated. That’s why most of the people do not notice the rash. Check with a doctor if you have a flat rash shaped like a bull’s-eye.



The early symptoms are often flu-like. You may feel tiredness, lack of energy, and exhaustion. This fatigue can take over your body and can be severe, which makes it easy to point towards Lyme fatigue.

Swollen joints

One of the early symptoms of Lyme can be joint pain, inflammation, swollen and stiff joints. You may feel the stiffness in a limited range of motion. The pain can travel to different body parts and can be confused with joint problems due to ageing, genetics, or sports.


Around half of the people have flu-like symptoms like headaches, dizziness, muscle pain, fever etc. over a week of infection. Your symptoms may not be that severe, and you may not even think that it is Lyme. It is difficult to distinguish Lyme flue from common flu or viral fever.

Night sweats and speel disorders

Night sweats and speel disorders

The body temperature may rise or fall during night time, which may wake you up from time to time. You will also face sleep disturbances due to body pain, and your face may feel flushed.

Cognitive decline

Cognitive decline has different degrees, and it can get severe in later stages. At first, you may find difficulty in concentrating at work, and you may have to think harder to remember something. You may also have a lot of confusion while making decisions or travelling on a familiar route.

Sensitivity to light

You may feel uncomfortable in bright indoors, and sudden light exposure may even blind you are a moment. Around 16% of the adults with early Lyme were found to have blinding light sensitivity, and they needed glasses indoors and outdoors.


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